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This are just few questions you might have, but if you have other questions feel free to email me on the contact page of this site. I will get an answer back to you as soon as I can.

I recently had a home built. Why are the trees around my house dying back at the tips?

The cause is likely root disturbance & damage along with soil compaction from heaving equipment being moved over the ground during construction. When soil gets compacted, the oxygen from the soil is lessened because it is literally being squeezed out. This lack of oxygen can cause stress to the tree & often time death. Many times the full effect of construction work can last anywhere from 5-7 years.

Because of this, it is important when planning any constuction near trees, that the critical root zone of the tree is considered. If you are going to be operating very heavy equipment near a tree, it is best to determine ahead of time if you think the tree can be saved or if it will become a casuality of construction. There are other factors to consider, but the critical root zone is basically the drip line of the tree. No construction activity should occur within that drip line of the tree canopy.


Do all tree companies have arborists on staff?


Unfortunatly, no. When looking for a tree service with an arborist on staff, be sure to look for the leaf symbol & the letters ISA. ISA stands for the International Society of Arboraculture. A course of study, years of field work & an extensive exam that must be passed are all required in order to become ISA certified. Finding an ISA certified arborist will ensure the best, most professional tree care possible. Call  today with your question or send it thru this web site!


How should a tree be removed if it is known to be dead?


As soon as possible!! If you suspect a tree is dead, call an arborist to be certain & then make arrangements to have it removed. The risk factor of the tree will be evaluated. If it poses the possibility of striking a home, car or someone walking by then of course it must be removed immediately. If the tree is in no danger of striking anything if it falls then you would be safe to remove it within a reasonable time, like six months.

It is important to remove dead trees because if the tree died because of a disease that can be spread, then you would want to remove that diseased tree before the infection could move to another nearby tree in order to find a new host.


Is it the homeowners responsibility to keep tree limbs away from service wire or U.E.'s?

The homeowner is responsibility for limbs interfering with service wires coming into their house.




Is it true that trees increase the value of my property?

Increase Property Value? well-cared landscape properties are 5-20% more valuable than non-landscaped home sites.


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